Fast Darkness

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Found this perusing my old Livejournal. If I remember correctly I threw this together in response to the Microlite craze. It’s a a neat game sketch; some of its ideas eventually found their way into the Mage Chroniclers Guide. Anyway, now that this is the place for game sketches I thought you’d like it!

Fast Darkness

This is a super-streamlined version of the World of Darkness rules.

Character Creation

Attributes: Start with 1 dot in each and divide 5 dots between:

  • Power: Strength, Aggressiveness, Force
  • Finesse: Discretion, Precision, Quickness
  • Resistance: Toughness, Counterbalance, Determination

5 is the maximum but it does not cost 2 of these dots.

Skills: Divide 7 dots between these Skills:

  • Mental: Education, Thinking, Reasoning
  • Physical: Athletics, Fitness, Martial Arts
  • Social: Interpersonal Talent, Diplomacy, Etiquette

Max 5 each-the 5th dot costs 2 dots.

Figured Traits:

  • Speed: Finesse + Physical + 5
  • Health: Resistance + 5
  • Willpower: Resistance + Mental
  • Morality: 7. Choose one Virtue and one Vice.

Merits: Choose 7 dots of Merits. each Merits tops out at 5 dots each, and the 5th dot costs 2 dots.

  • Give each Merit a specific Attribute/Skill combination and a descriptor.
  • When the Merit applies (by descriptor and Att/Skill field) to a die roll, you may re-roll one failed die per Merit dot.

Equipment: Choose 7 dots of Equipment. A 5 dot item is so awesome the 5th dot costs 2 dots, as usual.

  • Describe the items.
  • Equipment adds 1 die to your roll per dot on actions that make sense for them to boost, or add 1 to a Resistance value per two dots.

Supernatural Characters: Each of the following traits starts at 1 dot except for Talent — it starts at 0. Add 5 dots. You may not start with a 5th dot in any single trait.

  • Rank (Primal Urge, Blood Potency, etc.): This gives you an Essence pool of 10, + 1 per additional Rank.

  1. Subtract dice from incoming powers equal to the degree by which your Rank exceeds that of the supernatural dude zapping you.
  2. Each Rank dot also gives you a free dot to add to one of your Attributes. You can boost Attributes beyond 5 this way. You must assign bonus dots to all three Attributes within each 5 Rank dots.
  • Origin (Thyrsus, Ventrue, etc.): This adds to your Mental, Physical and Social Skills when you use the group’s special powers — stuff like clan Disciplines and Path Arcana.
  • Society (Summer Court, Silver Ladder, etc.): These act like additional Merit dots, linked to the group’s specialties.
  • Talent: This is a supernatural ability common among your kind but not part of your Society or Origin.

  1. This can be slightly broader than a by-the-book power — “Supernatural Athleticism,” not “Celerity.”

Task Resolution

Roll dice at the standard difficulty, but there are no opposed or extended rolls. All dice rolls are:

  • Attribute + Skill + Equipment – Resistance + Equipment
  • Teamwork works like multiple attacks. The best participants go first. Each additional participant reduces the Resistance by 1.
  • Spend an Essence to use a power. If the power is a buff, just add the dice/Resistance as indicated by character Origin. If the power is a extraordinary thing mundane humans can’t do, just roll your Origin + dice pool to do that thing.
  • Subtract Rank from dice pools belonging to powers targeting Superior Rank Guy.

There isn’t much more — it’s just a sketch, after all. I may have to juggle relative powers again — I could go a couple of ways with this (and did, fooling around).



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