(Guest Post) “F***, what am I doing?” – Humanity in Vampire

Guest author Wood Ingham is a poet and storyteller. He used to write a lot of role-playing games, including a bunch for White Wolf and Onyx Path. His latest one, Chariot, is still funding, and you should support it at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chariot-roleplaying-in-an-age-of-miracles#/. The words and opinions below are his. Note that your host removed the “Fuck” in […]

(Repost) Storytelling Lite, v. 2

I nuked most of the old blog, but some posts were popular enough to bring back. Due to a technical hiccup I brought back a post with notes on rules light Storytelling (the system that powers Chronicles of Darkness, previously known as the new World of Darkness). This is not that article, but another I […]

Aberrant: Still Not the Super-Friends

Some Trinity Continuum fans (and a few creators) hated Aberrant. Hated it. It’s on my mind because the new edition of the game will bear a bit of my influence, since I designed a chunk of the core systems that all Trinity and Scion games will use. Aberrant had the best setting in the series. I used to […]

First Time in the Red Box

Joe Carriker posted this describing his 30th gamer-versity, about encountering the Red Box. Read it. Maybe you’ll remember your start. I did. It’s my 30th too. I knew about D&D from a camp for kids who scored high on some tests, I think. I chose animation and writing as my focus (the camp was on […]


Poet and storyteller Wood Ingham is also a past game designer for White Wolf and Onyx Path. We get along well. Like me, he’s struggled with bringing a certain amount of artistic legitimacy to games without wrecking the distinctive things they do. I’m a stretch goal for Wood’s new project, Chariot, a game about the […]

90s Design: Deep Story Worlds

  It started with Dragonlance. Well, not really. It started with Pendragon. No, Glorantha. Tekumel. Worlds. Crack open Empire of the Petal Throne you’ll notice that the game wants to be about the world, but is a bit hesitant to go there. The game assumes you’re not a Tsolyani citizen. You’re an outsider, getting to […]

Mind’s Eye Theatre

(Note: This was published privately elsewhere, so if you were there, you can probably skip this.) I’m not thrilled with the current incarnation of Mind’s Eye Theatre (MET: the system used for live action Vampire: The Masquerade) but that’s not its fault. It’s not a bad game. Its designers know their audience, and refined it […]

Speaking of Mummy: The Curse

Onyx Path Publishing just announced they’ll be selling remaining limited editions of their games, including Mummy: The Curse — that’s the game Dreams of Avarice was written for. Mummy features a substantial amount of work from yours truly. Check out the rest of the line on DTRPG. I’ve worked on most of it, notably Sothis Ascends, […]