(Guest Post) “F***, what am I doing?” – Humanity in Vampire

Guest author Wood Ingham is a poet and storyteller. He used to write a lot of role-playing games, including a bunch for White Wolf and Onyx Path. His latest one, Chariot, is still funding, and you should support it at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chariot-roleplaying-in-an-age-of-miracles#/. The words and opinions below are his. Note that your host removed the “Fuck” in […]

(Repost) Storytelling Lite, v. 2

I nuked most of the old blog, but some posts were popular enough to bring back. Due to a technical hiccup I brought back a post with notes on rules light Storytelling (the system that powers Chronicles of Darkness, previously known as the new World of Darkness). This is not that article, but another I […]

Aberrant: Still Not the Super-Friends

Some Trinity Continuum fans (and a few creators) hated Aberrant. Hated it. It’s on my mind because the new edition of the game will bear a bit of my influence, since I designed a chunk of the core systems that all Trinity and Scion games will use. Aberrant had the best setting in the series. I used to […]

First Time in the Red Box

Joe Carriker posted this describing his 30th gamer-versity, about encountering the Red Box. Read it. Maybe you’ll remember your start. I did. It’s my 30th too. I knew about D&D from a camp for kids who scored high on some tests, I think. I chose animation and writing as my focus (the camp was on […]


Poet and storyteller Wood Ingham is also a past game designer for White Wolf and Onyx Path. We get along well. Like me, he’s struggled with bringing a certain amount of artistic legitimacy to games without wrecking the distinctive things they do. I’m a stretch goal for Wood’s new project, Chariot, a game about the […]