A Handy Free Thing on DTRPG, Plus Notes on Fantasy Storyteller

Keep the tapestries, lose the vampires.

A couple of weeks ago I found out this was still on DrivethruRPG. It’s the Storyteller (“er,” as in the pre-2004, not Storytelling/Chronicles of Darkness, which is a fine game of its own) system as published in Dark Ages: Vampire (pre-20th Anniversary, though the new version is also a fine game) but stripped of all Vampire and World of Darkness related backgrounds. This was originally released for Dark Ages Fae, which came out late enough that core books were hard to find. These rules were released to let anybody run a Dark Ages game with Fae or any of the other “secondary cores,” such as those for Dark Ages: Werewolf or Dark Ages: Mage.

It’s handy thing to have, and it’s free! Storyteller is a loose, easy to customize system that has over 20 years of support material. Here’s what I’d recommend along with it if you wanted to run a generic fantasy game:

  • World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary for monsters.
  • World of Darkness: Sorcerer for low key magic. The Revised version has more stuff, but is s thicker work strongly linked to Mage: The Ascension Revised.
  • Adventure! This pick might seem odd, but the streamlined Storyteller used in this game can be applied in bits and pieces, and the sub-extraordinary powers in it can be used to give characters a heroic edge. I recommend using soak rating and experimenting with a fixed difficulty number.

Beyond that you can pick dozens of other inspirations out of White Wolf’s back catalogue. I have to admit this isn’t especially original of me. My good friend Alex drafted a chronicle using these resources he planned to set during the 30 Years War. I suspect dozens of people have run fantasy Storyteller before. It’s just cool to have so many accessible resources on hand.



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