I’m Off for a Split Second to Get Bigger Guns

It’s writing crunch time for me, so I’ve got to leave the blog alone for a week.

Hey, I’m good for guest articles if you want to send them. They should be about games and 90s culture or otherwise be interesting.

Speaking of 90s culture, I leave you with something glorious: Split Second, the Rutger Hauer movie that would have been straight to video back in the day, but, well, we let a lot of bad movies onto big screens. This has it all: Black trenchcoats, a watery London of the dark future (that is: late 90s) and catchphrases. Oh, the catchphrases.

In life. In love. We’ve got to get bigger guns.

One thought on “I’m Off for a Split Second to Get Bigger Guns

  1. Heh, I love Split Second. Y’know, as bad as a lot of 80s and 90s action films were, most of them at least had a basic understanding of narrative, something that can’t be said about certain $100 million+ budget blockbusters made these days.

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