Dirty Secrets

So, the preview/advance PDF for V20 Black Hand dropped. It’s my first book for Vampire: The Masquerade. (There’s more coming.) A preview means that it hasn’t been through a final editing pass, but has been released for general consumption and error-spotting. This book is the successor to Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand, a bizarre […]

Chariot: A Reckoning Approaches

The last days of Atlantis are upon us, in more ways than one. Wood Ingham’s Chariot Indiegogo campaign hit the thousand pound threshold, which means I’ll be writing a supporting cast expansion for the game. It’s in the nick of time, too. There’s only a day left to join the campaign. I encourage you to […]

Followup: Diegesis vs. Representation

Jason Corley asked a couple of questions about yesterday’s article on diegetic game design. I answered. Here’s how it went down.   Interesting…how do you distinguish this type of design from purely representational design?  By addressing social and thematic elements, and by reverse-engineering game-oriented concepts into things in the world. Example: “Mr. Johnson” is a […]

90s Design: Diegesis

Misunderstood and awaiting revival, diegesis is one of the distinctive features of the 90s revolution in RPG design. It’s a fancy word though, so let’s stop and unpack. I’ll start with a dictionary definition: the lowest form of analysis.   the telling of a story by a narrator who summarizes events in the plot and […]