Unannounced Absence! And Recent Stuff

Sorry about that. Here’s what’s been going on.

  • I was sick as a dog for almost two weeks. Normally this doesn’t interfere with writing much, but in this case it was happening as two deadlines hit, for a Vampire: The Dark Ages 20th Anniversary project, and for Howard Ingham’s Chariot. So I was either doing nothing or writing at a crawl.
  • Related to the first point: I screwed up. My progress was too slow for Howard, who sticks to ironclad deadlines, so I was late, Howard was nice enough to plan around it, and ever since I’ve been catching up on my Chariot work, training for my other job (which involves fighting people, so I need to improve my conditioning for the season) and minding a number of other projects, such as Scion 2nd Edition.

Anyway, things are getting back to normal, and I look forward to tossing some new posts at you.

But there’s more.

The main reason I’m back today is to make something clear, because evidently it has to be said.

Gencon’s Industry Insider program has more women than men this year. Some people have a problem with that. They think these women are unqualified. I don’t. I have no problem with the slate this year.

Here’s the thing. A number of people on the slate work on games I’m not especially interested in, or actually dislike. A couple of them have said things that have annoyed me. They’re still important. Their credentials are clear, uncontroversial. For instance, the fact that Pathfinder isn’t my thing doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s one of the hobby’s two leading games.

Seriously. It’s not just about your basement or kitchen table. It’s not just about your niche. I wish I could say the push back from bastards was a surprise, but of course it isn’t and sadly, some of it is deeply embedded in the hobby, like a dense turd in a stubborn sphincter. I’m not going to say it’s our collective fault because in the case of some people and situations, some of us warned you, told you, wanted you to do deal with it, and you didn’t. When there’s active sexism, conscious bigotry, threats? That’s when you remove platforms.


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