Working for Green Ronin and Other News

So, some good news. I now have a regular gig with Green Ronin Publishing. I’m excited to take up a bunch of projects with the company as a developer “at large,” meaning I work on a variety of stuff instead of just one line. You can read the message announcing it, and where the company is headed in 2017, here.

What does this mean for other freelance work? If you’re a current client of mine of course we’re going to wrap up everything. Beyond that, much will depend on my workload. I’m still interested in doing a variety of cool things. I’d love to stretch my fiction muscles a bit. You can see a list of tie in collections featuring my short fiction (and one in-world book that’s 100% mine) over here at DrivethruFiction. So don’t be afraid to contact me about projects!

Speaking of fiction, I have a story on the recently released Tales of the Lost Citadel shared world anthology. This was a Kickstarter-driven project, but there are rumblings of a wider release and other projects in the same world.

Finally, the Leia article has been a wild experience. It’s trotting toward half a million views and at its peak was featured pretty much everywhere. As I joked, now that I’ve hit my peak as a blogger I feel like the pressure’s off for anything else. While I am planning something of a followup that will be a blatant attempt to ride the coattails of my previous good fortune, I want to make it clear that it was sort of a spontaneous thing that I never planned on exploiting. When it exploded I did use it to look for work because at the time I really needed a job, but just to be straight with you, the only way I benefit commercially from this blog is with affiliate links to things I worked on, and that’s not sending enormous cheques my way or anything. The ads you see are a function of me choosing a cheapo free blog. I originally had a self-hosted WordPress install but when it died ages ago I hit on this as a stopgap . . . and never really got around to fixing it. This ended up being a blessing because if I’d been self-hosting when the Leia article hit the blog would have been buried under traffic.

So this is 2017, eh? Well it’s not bad so far.


2 thoughts on “Working for Green Ronin and Other News

  1. “You can see a list of tie in collections featuring my short fiction (and one in-world book that’s 100% mine) over here at DrivethruFiction.”

    – which book is 100% yours?

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