12552848_10153184950031637_1253649629550098414_nI’m credited as Malcolm Sheppard on a bunch of games and books and one research project and a couple of other things. I’ve been writing for money for what, 17 years now?

Contact me through Twitter @MalcolmSheppard or email mob united media g mail com with no spaces, an “at” symbol, and a dot in the right places. I am available to do all sorts of writing, or talk.

Note: The Lucre

Be aware that links to DrivethruRPG are affiliate links, where I get a tiny bit of money for anything you buy. It’d help me out if you used them.


20 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello, I am a fan of your Mage work, including your Mage (The Dirty Version) and a few of your houserules that you’ve mentioned for Mage: the Ascension. I would like to know more, as I have ideas of my own for my “rules-fix”, and would like to get advice form an expert. (Or at least someone who is more of an expert than I am, which qualifies many, many people for the job.)

  2. Are you going to repost your comments about Imperial Mysteries? I thought your description of the Aswadim’s motivations were very interesting.

    1. Unfortunately, they’re locked up in the archives for the old blog, which are in a form (WordPress php tables) I can’t unscramble. But if you ask me a question on the White Wolf forums or SomethingAwful, I can answer there. Thanks!

    1. Hi Neil,

      Unfortunately, all my old articles are stuck in a backup from my old self-hosted blog, which irrevocably crashed. I have not yet been able to find the person or tools to take care of it.

      1. The Mage: The Dirty version posts were cross-posted to the livejournal blog.

        Hope you manage to find someone who knows how to code WordPress databases.

  3. Hey, I’m having a debate with some friends about magic versus science. My friends say that any non-random magic system is quantifiable using the scientific method and that it’s impossible to have a magic system that isn’t and still be useful for actually doing stuff. In other words, if it exists in a society that uses the scientific method and is testable under experimental conditions, magic will become science.
    Do you happen to have any recorded debates or papers or something that argues for and explains how a magic system can be both useable and an anti-science that can cinch the argument for me?

    1. My friends also stated that intangibles like morality or purity of heart don’t change the application of the scientific method because you can test those in an experiment to quantify them. It doesn’t matter if only certain people can perform magic or that magic can’t be mass-produced, as long as it is testable under experimental conditions. Even if the magic is an effort of will then it’s subject to sociology and psychology, and real world science is pretty much an application of will as well (plus all the equipment and materials to make that will into reality, making magic no more than a mere shortcut).

  4. Malcolm was there ever any luck in recovering all of the M:tA “Dirty Version” content? I’ve found some of it on this blog, but not much in the way of mechanical advice other than having Flat difficulties for Sphere effects. Did you ever have any other advice? I’m very curious now that M20 has been released. 🙂

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