Blogroll and Sites of Interest

Room 207 Press: H. Ingham, writer, folk horror expert, film reviewer, surveyor of the occult, and occasional collaborator

DriveThruRPG: Downloaded and print on demand RPGs. You can buy a lot of my stuff here. (Note: This is an affiliate link to the site.)

Green RoninCool RPG company, producers of the AGE system and numerous works for D&D, Pathfinder and more. How do I know? I write and develop for them regularly.

Oakthorne Scrivenings: Joseph Carriker’s website, including his blog. Joe’s good at pretty much everything: writing, game design, even maps. He’s got a cool wiki too.

Onyx Path Publishing: My regular contractor for Chronicles of Darkness, World of Darkness and other works.

The Retired Adventurer: John Bell’s site about OSR/post-OSR games.

Zero Point Information: Stew Wilson’s site. Stew and I worked on Aeternal Legends.