Unannounced Absence! And Recent Stuff

Sorry about that. Here’s what’s been going on. I was sick as a dog for almost two weeks. Normally this doesn’t interfere with writing much, but in this case it was happening as two deadlines hit, for a Vampire: The Dark Ages 20th Anniversary project, and for Howard Ingham’s Chariot. So I was either doing […]

90s Design: Diegesis

Misunderstood and awaiting revival, diegesis is one of the distinctive features of the 90s revolution in RPG design. It’s a fancy word though, so let’s stop and unpack. I’ll start with a dictionary definition: the lowest form of analysis.   the telling of a story by a narrator who summarizes events in the plot and […]

(Repost) Storytelling Lite, v. 2

I nuked most of the old blog, but some posts were popular enough to bring back. Due to a technical hiccup I brought back a post with notes on rules light Storytelling (the system that powers Chronicles of Darkness, previously known as the new World of Darkness). This is not that article, but another I […]


Poet and storyteller Wood Ingham is also a past game designer for White Wolf and Onyx Path. We get along well. Like me, he’s struggled with bringing a certain amount of artistic legitimacy to games without wrecking the distinctive things they do. I’m a stretch goal for Wood’s new project, Chariot, a game about the […]

Speaking of Mummy: The Curse

Onyx Path Publishing just announced they’ll be selling remaining limited editions of their games, including Mummy: The Curse — that’s the game Dreams of Avarice was written for. Mummy features a substantial amount of work from yours truly. Check out the rest of the line on DTRPG. I’ve worked on most of it, notably Sothis Ascends, […]