What? Who?

I’m Malcolm Sheppard. I write. I design games. I’ve been doing it in a goes-on-the-resume sense for something over a decade. You probably got here looking for something about games, or writing, or something I jotted down about Doctor Who that made Reddit ages ago.

Nowadays I write about whatever pleases me. Or doesn’t.

My self-hosted blog is kind of in limbo right now due to a plugin-related catastrophe, so I’ll be hanging out hereĀ until I figure out where to go next.

New posts are on the side, by the way.

14 responses to “What? Who?”

  1. Carl says :

    Hello, I am a fan of your Mage work, including your Mage (The Dirty Version) and a few of your houserules that you’ve mentioned for Mage: the Ascension. I would like to know more, as I have ideas of my own for my “rules-fix”, and would like to get advice form an expert. (Or at least someone who is more of an expert than I am, which qualifies many, many people for the job.)

  2. Jan says :

    Are you going to repost your comments about Imperial Mysteries? I thought your description of the Aswadim’s motivations were very interesting.

    • malcolmsheppard says :

      Unfortunately, they’re locked up in the archives for the old blog, which are in a form (WordPress php tables) I can’t unscramble. But if you ask me a question on the White Wolf forums or SomethingAwful, I can answer there. Thanks!

  3. Neil Glassford says :

    Mr Sheppard, is there any way to make Mage: the Dirty Version available again?

    Kind regards


  4. Mark Hope says :

    I’m pretty sure I have a bunch of the Mage: Dirty Version posts saved in a Word doc somewhere, if that’s a help at all…

  5. chattnos says :

    Can you create a wxr file? Or someone could gover your database tables and reconstruct.

  6. bradfonseca says :

    Malcom, I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. As always, I am a fan of your work.

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